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clearcom Encore模拟派对线路系统

明通安可为您提供快捷, simple and instant access to the person or persons you need to speak to the most on any given intercom channel. 不像其他通信方式, this full-duplex platform allows people (on their independent user devices) on the same channel to carry out bi-directional, 谈话的形式沟通, 不考虑连接或声音的质量. 该系统可以通过标准麦克风电缆或IP接口进行扩展.

Product Family

Complete your clearcom Encore模拟派对线路系统 with our suite of products.

Why Choose Encore?


易于安装和连接标准,双导体屏蔽麦克风电缆. 十大正规体育平台 Encore systems have front-panel key controls or ergonomically-designed beltpacks for intuitive operations – even by the novice user.

Superior Audio Clarity

Consistent audio level that does not fluctuate as users on different devices leave and join the system. Wide dynamic range and audio contouring enable the crystal clear audio known as the “十大正规体育平台 Sound”. The beltpacks feature microphone preamp with a dynamic range of 130 db enables intelligible voice communication for every volume level.


采用全双工通信, 没有延迟或等待任何用户释放通信线路. 十大正规体育平台 Encore users can converse with any person on any given intercom channel(s). Encore operators have a full range of device options to remain hands-free from the intercom while on the job.


Start with a small system and easily grow it to your desired system size for your group. Effortlessly tie additional Encore systems or third-party partyline systems together. Connect to an existing Encore system over IP via LQ Series IP Interfaces for additional Encore beltpacks or user stations, 以及十大正规体育平台 Agent-IC移动应用程序和第三方VoIP电话.

System Diagram

Two-channel Main Station providing audio and power to four wired beltpacks in a daisy chain formation. Alternatively, beltpacks or wall stations could be directly connected to the Main Station in a star configuration.

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A two-channel or four-channel Main Station can provide intercom and power to all connected beltpacks, wall stations, and remote stations. The Main Station, a two-channel Remote Station and a line of single-channel beltpacks are connected to Channel A. 这些站点和背带式背包上的所有用户都在这个频道上通信. 双通道耳机站连接到两个通道A和B. This gives these users the flexibility of communicating on either Channel A or ChannelB. Program feed audio is connected to the Remote Station so it can be heard by the Position A as well as the Positions G and H over the Talent Receivers.

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